• Energize Yourself


    Soya Protein Isolate

    Procurement through world leaders of Soya Producers


    Neutral Flavor

    Can blend with any type of meal

  • Iron Replenisher

    • Best source of Iron through Ferous Ascorbate
    • Folic Acid
    • Added advantage of Zinc
    • Increase your efficiency
    • The Bone Aggrandizer
  • Bone Aggrandizer

    • Novel Combination of Calcium Citrate Malate
    • Calcitriol
    • Zinc & Boron with Vitamin K2-7
  • The Versatile Vasodilator

    • Improves Erectile Dysfunctions
    • Improves Sperm Count
    • Improves Ovarian response
  • Improves Symtoms in patients

    • Functional Dyspepsia
    • Gerd



Improves symtoms in Patients with Functional Dyspepsia with excellent therapeutic effects.

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Distinct absorption of ASCORBATE with extra care of ZINC in IDA during pregnancy and lactation

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The BONE AGGRANDIZER for prevention & treatment of osteoporosis.

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Bioxis Pharmaceuticals

Bioxis Pharmaceuticals has attained a distinct place of its own in the high growth Indian pharma space. The company is focused on dedicated manufacturing facility for specialized pharmaceutical products and is now effectively harnessing global opportunities to harness its international presence.

Right from the state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise, to its unparalleled service and unsurpassed quality, the company has got all that it takes to sustain its commitment to excellence.

Bioxis portfolio is packed with products having a high growth rate in dietry supplements and supplementary nutrition products. The company is presently engaged in Contract Manufacturing of products across the fastest growing nutritional segments of Soy proteins, calciums, iron etc and Our philosophy is to work closely with our doctors and customers to develop successful quality products. Fast and responsive service, Flexible minded team work, highly motivated people enable us to deliver industry-savvy, customer-focused services & create mutual business trust & partnership. Our overriding objective is to align ourselves to our customers own strategies for growth and supply them with the products that they want. Bioxis operates in total compliance with GMP norms set by the WHO. These norms controlled by superior high-tech quality control labs where various physical, chemical & microbiological tests are conducted to guarantee optimum quality of the products. Our Quality Control staff is equipped with the most advanced Instrumentation and Sophisticated Equipments and is monitored by Scientific Expertise. Access to some of the industry's best analytical chemists, formulation design specialists and manufacturing specialists who are known for developing innovative solutions to difficult development challenges.

Our Endeavour is to synergize the strength of all our stakeholders to attain commanding heights in the field of pharmaceuticals working on the mantra of togetherness. We strive to find opportunities for challenges and improving personal performance.

With its focus on quality manpower, a global vision, and cutting-edge research benchmarked to the best in Country, The presence of the Bioxis means that reliability is hundred percent with no compromise on quality. Bioxis today is destined to be a growth oriented pharmaceutical company that efficiently commercializes significant improvements in human healthcare. 

Soy Proteins - Natural


  • 01 All essential amino acids
  • 02 High digestibility
  • 03 Cholesterol-free
  • 04 Low GI , FAT and Calories
  • 05 Lactose-free
  • 06 Natural antioxidants

Conventional Protein Supplement

  • Milk Protein 18% to 30% Protein
  • Whey Protein 30% to 40% Protein
  • Soya Protein 30% Protein
  • Lots of carbohydrates & fats
  • DIGESTIBILITY of 40% to 50%